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关于head的英语短语:head into、head out、head down、at the head of、head for.1、head into 英文发音:[hed nt] 中文释义:迎着(风等)而行;走向;出发 例句:Tomorrow we head into Malaysia and after eight days on holiday we

head office 总公司;总行 head on 迎面地 head for 前往;出发;取向于 head off 阻止;转移方向 cylinder head 气缸盖 head coach 主教练;总教练 water head n.水头(水源);水压;水位差;落差 at the head of

1. It never entered my head. 从未有过这个念头 Meaning: I never even thought about it. 2. I can't make head nor tail of this. 搞不清头绪,无法理解 Meaning: I don't understand it at all. 3. I brought matters to a head. 引入决定性阶段

浪头、榔头、锤头、斧头、拳头、降头、看头、风头、老头、柱头、滑头、猪头、说头、裤头、噱头、零头、赚头、砖头、山头、笔头、橡皮头、桥头、姘头、来头、石头、势头、蒜头、葱头、鼻头、巨头、舌头、枕头、针头、烟头、开头,尽头、劲头、苦头、骨头、 指头 枝头 纸头 趾头 势头 水龙头 劲头 尽头 捕头 布头 巨头 聚头 箭头 肩头 尖头 芋头 鱼头 零头 两头 牵头 前头 狮头

关于身体各部位的英语口语短语【hand】 1. Need a hand? 要帮忙吗? 2. I saw it first hand. 我亲眼所见. 3. I've got to hand it to him. 不佩服不行. 4. He's my right-hand man. 他是我的得力助手. 5. Things are getting out of hand. 事情要


eye: see eye to eye agglomerate eye eye release eye catcher shut-eye color eye bird's-eye wire eye sancer eye slotted eye private eye eye for eye eye catcher deviating eye blind eye bird's-eye sancer eye eye mutant eye protector phakic eye eye

01. It's up to you.(由你决定.) 02. I envy [羡慕]you.(我羡慕你.) 03. How can I get 表明] myself very well in English. (我不能很好地用英语表达自己.) 55. For the time

英语短语翻译:把你的头往后仰------ hold your head up backward.

gain/have an advantage=胜过,优于 get across=解释清楚,使人了解 get along/on with=有进展,有进步;生活得 get around/round=走动,旅行(消息)传开 get around/round to=找时间做,开始考虑 get at=得到,接近;意思是 get away=逃脱,


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