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my father loves his family, and loves his work even better. in the company, he is called workaholic he spends most of his time working, and often forgets to have meals or to go to bed.as a result,he doesnt enjoy good health. my father likes reading in

My father My father is a handsome man . He is tall and medium build. He has short black hair and big eyes.My father works in a hospital. He is a doctor. He wears a uniform in the hospital. He drives his car go to work. He is a good doctor. He loves

l have a great father. he is forty years old. he is tall. he is strong. he is good at swimming . but,he poor at cooking. he has to pratise cooking more. he likes sweet rice dumpling with beans. but l don't to eat it,l'd rather have a sandwich.he loves me

父爱father's love people always say that father's love is so quiet but grand that it seems like a mountain. they always bury their love to children deep in the bottom of their hearts and never show it. father seldom says i love you to their children or

My father is forty-three years old. He is a teacher. He works very hard. He always wears a yellow coat and a pair of blue trousers. He like doing sports and he likes basketball best. My father loves me very much. He checks my homework every day. He

On the third Sunday in June is father's day.It is a day for chlidren to show their love to father.In fact,different country have father's day on different day.In Russia,father's day is on 13rd,Februar

My father My father is a gentle man.He has small eyes,Wear a pair of glasses.In my opinion,he is so tall that he can protect us from any trouble.He is always kind to me.My father is a doctor.He works hard every day.I can learn a lot from him.he often

关于父爱About Father Love

父亲节(Father's Day)

There are so many people talking about how much their mother love them, whereas seldom people realize how much love their father give them. In fact, father's love is as strong as mother's, but normally, fathers are not very good of expressing their



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