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The atmosphere of Chinese food is different from Western-style food while having a meal.中西方的就餐氛围不同.The atmosphere of Western-style food is particular about scenery. The good restaurant is generally built in the beautiful mountaintop,

guilin is in the north of guangxi. the population in the city of guilin is more than six hundred thousand. there are famous and beautiful sceneries in guilin. if you come to guilin, you will know how clear the water is and how green the hills are. every year

The Swiss Confederation in Huldrych Zurich's time consisted of thirteen states (cantons) as well as affiliated states and common lordships. Unlike the current modern state of Switzerland, which operates under a federal government, the thirteen

Wu-Lai Waterfall-乌来瀑布 I have heard of the magnificent Niagara Falls in the United States but I have never been there. I had a chance to visit Wu-Lai Waterfall last Sunday. We, a group of five,took the bus to the entrance of the mountain and

Dear: I am a student in Amircan, I am 15 years old and my family is in Newyork(纽约不会拼),there is my sister and my parents in family, we love each other very much ,.while I will visit Beijing in next year,so I want to make a pen-pel in Beijing,in

South of China -tiger is the national-level protected animal. In 1996, the World Conservation Union as critically endangered, one of the top ten species. This is because a

I visited the Great Wall with my friends last Sunday. It took us two hours to get there by bus. We started early in the morning at about half past six. It was hot and a bit windy that day. There were thousands of people on the wall. we climbed up the tower

cooking method:制作方法:1. cleaning the sweet potatos, truncates skins, cut it into slivers in the length 5 centimeters, widely, the thick each 0.5 centimeter long strip, puts in the clear water to rinse repeatedly, except the starch, puts in the bowl,

Hello Li Hong,最近好吗?有时间来中国参观吧!我可以当你的导游,帮你来游览这个悠久历史的礼仪之邦,在中国期间,我会带你参观八达岭长城,颐和园,天坛等著名的景点,还有诱人的北京烤鸭,带你去王府井吃各种噶样的美食,一定会

In south China, the favorite and most typical dishes were nian gao, sweet steamed glutinous rice(糯米)pudding and zong zi (glutinous rice wrapped up in reed(芦苇)leaves), another popular delicacy. 在南方,最受喜爱和具代表性的食物是用


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