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Dear Seika,How are you now? I would like to say thanks to you for I've made amazing progress in English study with your help.I will continue working hard on my study.I also have a good news to tell you. I won a prize in English speech contest. I feel

my favourite sport is tennis.in my part time,i often go to play tennis because it makes me very happy and i can learn a lot from it at the same time. in my opinion,if anyone

Hi Pater, How is going these days? I had had a long winter holiday here, and I was so happy because I found a part time job and worked as a waiter in a restaurant. For one

My friend.I have a good friend whoes English name is lisa.She is twelve years old and she is a very pretty girl.Everyone in our class including teachers like her,but I am her only best friend.

Hello, everyone, my name is Li Hua. I am very honored to be invited to speak at the teachers and students of the whole school. First of all, I want to say to the teachers, I thank them for teaching us. Then I would like to say to my classmates, thank you

Nowadays,the relationship between the girls and boys in the senior has became the heated topic in society.Obviously, the most parents and teachers think the relationship will do harm to the students' study,but I don't think so. In my opinion , the

Many people believe that human activity is causing the earth's temperature to rise. which is polluting the Earth's atmosphere. This could become a disaster if

Dear Tiger Mom,Hello.This is Mr White,a counsellor from XXX Junior Middle School.I read your blog on the Internet two days ago.I don't agree with your idea about your daughter's study.You require your



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