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I very much love my parents, they will be used for savings for many years I university, I do not want to let them for me to assume more the pressure of daily life, and I need you to meet me.

I will be there for you till you get hitched.绝对地道美语

Spring have rain, summer have green, the autumn have wind, winter have snow. You have my travel all over the world not lonely. Rain of spring, summer's green, autumn wind, the winter snow. You have my ,travel all over the world not lonely.

this umbrella has a kind of oriental feeling. It will be great if you could open the branch stores in Taiwan and Hongkong. If that is the case, I will definitely go and buy your designed clothes to show my support!你好,这里所用的'it will be great'

"Outside the circle" by Chinese as being the highest level of idioms at Texas instruments, general manager for greater China semiconductor technology company, namely enterprise kuo is the best answer. He explained that the so-called "circle

Today's my birthday.My GF phoned me in the morning and told me she'd love to celebrate my birthday at my home with a big surprise.After hearing this news,I work extremely hard.I work for three customers. Wher I back to my company it was

He has watched the match of Canadian players, he feels no one in Canada is more powerful than his.

cylindrical inner side "of this by the chinese people as being the highest level of idiom, in the semiconductor technology company texas instruments, general manager of greater china, jiang-long view, that is the best answer. he explained that the so

there is nothing about worth or not,it is all connected with care or not. 不是最地道的,但是绝对不会错. 希望可以帮到楼主,如果觉得好的话就采纳为满意答案吧,多谢楼主了.

绝对地道,把分加给我吧.Possess strong critical thinking and judgment, serious and responsible things, a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork;have a strong ability to or



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