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拜托英语好的高手帮我翻译一下(不要翻译软件翻出来的)_百 Secondly provide personalized service Traditional marketing concepts to customers as consumer demand is a similar group of one,

麻烦英语高手帮忙翻译几句话~!(不要软件翻的)翻译好了。。。 嗯。Hello, I would like to know the actual amount of the cost. It is alright if you can not give

请英语高手帮忙翻译谢谢!不要有道之类的翻译软件直翻1、We know this famously in the seventeenth century and in our own country at Salem.我知道这个在十七世纪和我们国家的赛伦

拜托那位英语高手帮我翻译下啊 ~急用 别用回答:8 Compromising Wisely 第8章 明智的让步(妥协) 8.1 How to Fight Schedule Pressure 8.1 如何战胜时间压力 Time-to

请英语高手帮我翻译下,不要翻译软件翻译的The existing IP network has many problems, such as insufficient address space, QoS, security issues, and so on, so now

请懂英语的高手们帮忙翻译一下,我不要用网上翻译软件翻译出 Except for you! I who also don't want!I didn't touch the better,But because you've,I don't want to encounter a

拜托!英语高手帮我翻译一下下文吧!不要机器翻译的,好多语 With the continuous improvement of science and technology and the rapid development of computer

英语高手帮我翻译一下啊?别用软件翻译哦我设想用Authorware软件做一个课件,让大家可以透过其中去了解古人,认识郭德刚,当然也是为了培养大家对传统艺术的热爱。I conceive

高手帮忙英语翻译一下(不要软件翻译)毫州:Bozhou 正文:Bozhou, a set on my affections too. Here is my home, I was growing, is the church where I live.

求高手帮我翻译一下这段话,不要用翻译软件直接翻 谢谢Our country is in the high-speed development of the economic and social transformation period, all kinds of social


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