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Everyone has a worry, this time, we should communicate with others, or listen to music, play games, to divert their attention, thus mitigating their negative emotions. In our age, bad mood is normal.

A man's world depends on his heart. Dare to dream, you can reach the distant hope, dare to dream, the world will change as a result of you! Never, never wilt at the foot of a dream, a little closer every day, one day you will reach the distant dream!

America, this is the last time I spoke to you, disaster will come. While our country and the world will perish, I wish I could tell you, we have the ability to resist this disaster, but we have no. Today, we will be one family together into the dark, though we

Hello teacher! Thank you for taking care of me last semester of classes, I give you trouble, I am here to say sorry to you, really sorry, because my impulse to you for the things I worry, I know I was wrong, can you give me a break error opportunity?

Hello, and welcome to "national flower classrooms", I is you of flower.Although my English rotten can, but still presumptuous here as a teacher, give you a lesson, foreigners to study Chinese will make many jokes, we are learning English, also

hello,everyone nice to meet you hope to get on well with you

there are a lot of things. Shoulders backpack, with red and black . They are just 32 yuan. Still the cat ,with white, is pretty, only 18 yuan. Male T-shirt, all variety of colour, 50 yuan. Trousers, blue, 20 yuan. They are very cheap

there are three people in my happy family,My father, mother, brother and me. I like the Internet and music, I want to learn maths well,because my maths is not very good. My dream is to be a doctor, then I can help people to keep helth. Now I need to study hard. cheer up!

My heart's idol is the famous hero Paul柯察gold, he is the famous "How to Make Steel's" hero, the book to Paul's life the main line, tells the story of a outstanding member of the deeds The reason why this book can be immortal, to enduring


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